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Simply put, I help small businesses standout in a sea of big businesses - utilizing a variety of sales & marketing strategies.


I'm guessing you thought my site to be filled with 1000’s of beautifully branded photos and curated content... sure, if I were like other brand strategist.

Whether for good or bad, it is a bit shocking to not see pictures on a brand strategist’s website. But it made you curious enough to read to here & you’ll likely remember it too.

It is different. It is unorthodox. It is unique.

Some will be intrigued by your brand and some will hate it. And that’s okay!

Our goal is to get your brand to speak so specifically to "your people" (aka target audience), that it sells itself. 


In order for a brand to standout in today’s world it has to be memorable, unique... and standout enough to make people pay attention.


People will judge you & make a decision about you within 10 seconds of meeting you... the same goes for your brand. 


What is your brand currently saying? 


Let's chat, if you want your brand to make a rockstar first impression

& speak volumes without saying a word.

PS... not having beautiful pictures on here, kills me more than you. And yes, I do have tons I can show you when the time is right! But first things first, let’s see if we’re compatible. It’s only our first date. We want to make this bond (brand) last forever. (Okay, that’s my one Dad joke, had to get it out. And if you don’t like bad Dad jokes or sarcasm we probably won’t make it to a second date anyways.)

You’ve also made it all the way to the bottom of my page with just black and white type. Just imagine what I can do with photos, videos... and well placed, funny memes. 

Most importantly.

I do not want your brand to look like others... I want it to look like you.

Unique, one of a kind and worthy of your time. 

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